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Charles, Casey, and Paul are back all looking Marvel-ous, and Phil is ….well its Phil so you get what you pay for. The guys get off to a bang up start talking about Ant-Man and the Wasp. I took a knee in honor of Chris Wisdom and didn’t watch the trailer. The world premiere of Black Panther happened and it has gotten some great reviews. We are all ready to go see it in the coming weeks. Casey wants to talk about how Jean Grey is alive again in the comics, and well it gets confusing how many times she has “died” and “come back”. If your into that kind of thing he is your guy. Kevin Feige that the Fox-Marvel merger won’t happen soon, but really it’s sooner than you might think. We are happy to have a listener submitted story as a follow up to the Nintendo Labo story giving us a better look at what its supposed to do. Thank you, Kyle Lambing, for sending us this news. I squeeze in some news about MoviePass and what we are starting to find out about their business plans.

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Big thanks to Dennis Robinson of Botched Podcast for the opening promotional audio!

Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer
Black Panther premiere and early feedback is high praise.
Jean Grey’s alive… again!
Feige says Fox-MCU merger won’t happen soon.
Movie Pass is like insurance
Listener Story – Nintendo Labo Follow up – Kyle Lambing

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