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Word up Panel Breakers! Here is the much talked about best of 100 clip show. In this amazing tome of knowledge, you will get the origins of our running jokes, the best mistakes we have made, the laughter, love, and a good sample of our discussions when they get serious. You get some hits like “Travis’s Mom Calls In”, “What Weasley”, and of course “There is no Batman!” As a special bonus, you will hear the original appearances of Tony P. Henderson, Travis Jones, and Casey Stroz. I hope you enjoy everything that has gone into the making of 100 episodes as we have loved the journey.

A big thanks to Mike Woodard for everything he does in the production field. You will hear some audio bits throughout the episode that he originally put in, and the last run of the audio is all of the cold opens he chose throughout the year. Plus you get a very cool fan submission opening in the style of Rick and Morty. This particular episode is a labor of love and I tried to highlight everything that has been great about Breaking the Panel.

Also one last thank you to Toy Power, Tony P. Henderson, and Carl Dodge for sending in comments to celebrate us doing 100 shows. We really appreciate the love.

This and all Breaking the Panel episodes originally posted on BlogTalkRadio! 

Hosts: Charles McFallPaul Klotz, Chris WisdomCasey Stroz
Producer at Large: Mike Woodard 
Publisher:  Chris Wisdom
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