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Charles, Paul, and Casey are joined by Brian D Bradley to discuss the awesome new trailers that dropped this week, Logan’s director comments on stingers, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art, and they go toe to toe about the Cloverfield Paradox.  We have so many trailers Brian thought he had visited a trailer park. I mean isn’t that really the rest of the world compared to L.A.? No, we kid – Brian was the best guest host. He shared honest stories of how writing works in Hollywood, gave us some insight on the differences between producing for TV and the big screen, and his love of Conan is unrivaled. Casey gives this episode high complements when he say’s he has never felt like the conversation has ever been more elevated. This by far was a great conversation and we thank Brian for joining us this week.

Like any good entertainment show we never just tell you about what we saw. Below (or on our web page if you are in an app) you will see the trailers all right here. Go ahead and give them a watch before we get into the conversation. Then hit us up and tell us what you thought of them. We love hearing from you! Our goal is to organically grow a community that you enjoy discussing your geekery. Please email the show and jump into the conversation! And you can go to and click the tab on the right to leave your very own 90-second voicemail.

Next week we will be joined by Tony P. Henderson of Geek Versus.

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Big thanks to Dennis Robinson of Botched Podcast for the opening promotional audio!

Logan Director slams Stingers
New TMNT art
Conan @ Amazon Prime
Deadpool 2 Cable Trailer
Solo trailer
Marvel’s trailer for wolverine audio drama
Jessica Jones Trailer


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