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So I (McFall) write differently than Chris so you will get more of a narrative while he is gone. We will miss his awesome writing but never fear he will return, much like Antman and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Do you know what’s better than hearing our own voices? Hearing yours! We love hearing from you. Our goal is to organically grow a community that you enjoy discussing your geekery. Today we read some iTunes Reviews and love the feedback. Please email the show and jump into the conversation! And book your tickets to Dragon Con now to see us live on the Podcast Track!

IN the meantime lets get to the show topics. I have been honored to be a guest on Geek-IO recently and give you the rundown on the movie smackdown competition that I joined them on. Also, I was a guest on Comics Coast to Coast to discuss my religious love for the Hulk and his appearance in Thor Ragnarok. Hail Cap McFall-DRA!

Then, of course, we saw the Defenders Trailer that dropped #LOVEDIT

Followed up by the Dark Tower where I tried my hand at a reaction video.

After the break, we dive deep into Captain Americas current storyline where he is and always has been Hydra. The three of us get past the standard #NotMyCaptain arguments as Chris educates us on what is going on. If you remove some personal bias – which is a lot to ask of your readers Marvel – then as a stand alone Chris says its phenomenal writing. By now you know Klotz and I don’t roll over so easy so tune in to hear the full gamut of how we feel and think about it.


The Boondock Saints are back? 

Cap is Evil!!!!

Cap turns Hydra
Cap Hydra Agent
Secret Empire Cap

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