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Joined by Carmella Smith of Trivial Warfare we go from Austrailia to Power Rangers through Venom and back to Australia again in this awesome episode of Breaking the Panel. I can’t wait for Chris Wisdom to be back to bring his intelligence and wit to bear upon this task of writing notes. Paul Klotz and I were fortunate to be joined by Carmella Smith of Trivial Warfare. She has a great sense of fandom and appreciation for comics. We wax poetic about an email we received from Frank in Australia, make an awesome announcement about DragonCon, and talk many many topics ranging from Venom to back to Austrailia. Join in the fun each week and become a part of what we do.

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Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, and Chris Wisdom
Producer at Large: Mike Woodard
Publisher:  Chris Wisdom
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