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Welcome Panelteers, we’re Breaking the Panel! Charles, Paul, and Chris bring you the humor, the fun, and the elevated conversations you’ve come to expect. Look like Amay Pascal handles interviews as well as she does email in a joint Spider-Man: Homecoming interview with Kevin Feige. Fox is said to be working on Fantastic 4 ½. Are kids the missing piece or are they set to bomb in another set of age segments? According to the ballad of Jack and Rose, during the age of innocence, Lincoln and the last of the Mohicans told the gangs of New York that there will be blood as the searched for the crucible, in the name of the father, near Eversmile, New Jersey. Sad news, one of the greats is retiring. Good news, there’s more of a chance that someone else can win in the “Best Actor” category. Strange portents for the future of the DCEU; has Chris been right, all along? Regardless, In Johns we trust.


Amy Pascal confirms Venom, Feige squirms.
Amy Pascal has just confirmed ‘VENOM’ takes place in the ‘SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING’ universe!
Interview Video
Subject: Spidey thought

 Rumor: Fox is Reportedly Developing a New Fantastic Four Film

 Shocker! Daniel Day-Lewis Quits Acting

 How Hollywood Got Hacked: Studio at Center of Netflix Leak Breaks Silence

 Johns, Whedon, Wonder Woman, and the Future of the DCEU or Was Chris Right, ALL Along?
What DC Learned From Batman V Superman And Suicide Squad
Warner Bros. Film Chief Open To R-Rated DC Comics Movie


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