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Welcome Panelteers, we’re Breaking the Panel! Charles, Paul, and Chris bring you the humor, the fun, and the ever-evolving conversations you’ve come to expect. San Diego just had its major annual migration as the geek world made the pilgrimage and we’re talking about Marvel/Disney’s Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Are VFX losing effectiveness due to overuse and how does that affect Paul’s opinion? Somebody needs to check expiration dates on some older movie effects. Are the circumstances of the Snyders’ waning DCEU influence clearing or clouding? James Cameron is in the present, but is he trying to relive the past and retell a story about the future? Harrison Ford might not always shoot first, but he ALWAYS shoots best. Remember kids, when flying United, you can check a gun but you CAN’T check comic books. Charles has a first-hand account of Pokémon GO’s first fan fest; it wasn’t legendary. Paul wants gamers to chill and not be entitled $#it$. Complaints can be warranted and expressed, but BE NICE!

Why Infinity War’s Official Footage Hasn’t Been Released For The Public…

Zack Snyder’s future at Warner Bros.’ DC movies…

James Cameron Sets His Sights On A New TERMINATOR Trilogy…

BEST Question form SDCC

United Airlines Tried to Ban SDCC Passengers from Checking Comic Books


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