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Welcome Panelteers, we’re Breaking the Panel! Charles, Paul, and Chris bring you the humor, the fun, and the ever-evolving conversations you’ve come to expect. First, we’re gonna spend some time talkin’ Lego Dimensions and how it stacks up against other toys-to-life. It’s another giant sized episode as we’re joined by the incomparable TV’s Casey Stroz! This week, we find out that inhumans come from all walks of life and their inhumanity comes in gradients. From those Inhumans that appear on ABC, to those that enjoyed the movie Constantine, to depths with those that prey on Hollywood talent; we’ll talk about them all. Then Chris Wayback-jacks Peabody and Sherman to travel back to 1996 to see how Fox’s Generation X compares to ABC’s Inhumans. Next, Hulu announces a sizeable price drop, but will their promotion have customers running away from the competition? Afetr that, Casey drops some New York Comic Con insight on us and y’all just need to have a listen, sugah.  Finally we are presented with the stark numbers of Blade Runner 2049’s opening weekend box office performance and discuss why it happened and what it means. All of that and more on this week’s XL episode. Join us and join the conversation.

Hulu Slashes Subscription Price Ahead Of ‘Runaways’ Premiere

You can find Casey at and @TVsCasey on Twitter.

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Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, and Chris Wisdom
Guest: Casey Stroz
Producer at Large: Mike Woodard
Publisher:  Chris Wisdom
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