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Welcome Panelteers, we’re Breaking the Panel! Charles, Paul, and Chris bring you the humor, the fun, and the ever-evolving conversations you’ve come to expect. Casey’s back and we’re not quite sure ow he got in or how to get him out. Well sugahs, you know we are just goin’ta have ta deal with him. This week we’re not light on topics or discussion. If you suffer from pod envy sit this one out, ‘cause it’s girthy. First we find out that Charles doesn’t quite understand the meaning of the phrase “grossly misquoted.” We talk about the current state of comics distribution thanks to an article by Wizard Magazine alum, Jim McLauchlin. An Australian morning talk makes a big misstep and shows what NOT to do when you have access. When is enough enough when it comes to promoting movies and are we just getting too much?  An X-Men Horror movie? Yes please! Are you all ready to be thankful for the Punisher? Finally, in our continuing efforts to get our content out, to you, as quickly as possible we’re hired HDS to be our official courier and delivery service. What could possibly go wrong with this partnership? Join us and join the conversation.


Australian TV Host Totally Spoils Thor: Ragnarok Reveal


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