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Welcome Panelteers, we’re Breaking the Panel! Charles, Paul, Chris, and Casey bring you the humor, the fun, and the ever-evolving conversations you’ve come to expect. Things stop before they false start! Ali Allan and Agent Fleming give at least four cents about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bendis jumps ship from Marvel to DC. Nintendo-Illumination’s Super Minion Bros.? Rotten Tomatoes stonewalls reviews of Justice League. Has Amazon already ruined Lord of the Rings?? 10 Rounds of Heavyweight Soapboxing with Paul Klotz says yes! Disney doubles down to d-slap the LA Times and the press slaps back. Marvel Heroes killed in crossfire. And EA can’t pay to win the hearts of its fans. What’s going at DC; who watches the Editor? All of that amazing content and YOUR feedback. Join us and join the conversation.

 Bendis Leaves Marvel for DC

Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie

 Amazon Scores Lord of the Rings TV rights…and Klotz hates it

Disney Blacks out the press
Also kills Marvel Heroes

Eddie Berganza Fired over Sexual Harassment Allegations
Here’s What CW Stars Are Saying After Harassment Allegations Against A Producer

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Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, Chris Wisdom, Casey Stroz
Producer at Large: Mike Woodard
Publisher:  Chris Wisdom
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