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Only the finest professional editing this week—is TV’s Casey up to snuff? Probably not, but who cares, there’s plenty in here to hear. Game talk, shop talk, and Netflix talk with The Toys That Mad Us and maybe Bright 2: The Centaur Cop. Phil’s psyched about the return of the Animaniacs to Hulu in 2020. But the mood shifts with news of Smilin’ Stan Lee getting grabby with some nurses, and we let go of some idol worship. Somehow, we give an almost complete rundown of the Golden Globes that we DEFINITELY didn’t just have as background noise. Finally, we close things out with hypothetical movie talk about Bloodshot of Valiant Comics, and Shadowcat of the X-Men. But mostly Shadowcat since we don’t know anything about Bloodshot.

Bright greenlit for sequel

Animaniacs Coming Back

Sexcelsior! Stan Lee Sex Allegations

Golden Globes in Review

X-Men: Kitty Pryde Movie

Vin Diesel and the Bloodshot Movie

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