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Welcome Panelteers, we’re Breaking the Panel! As 75% of the cast recovers from a Rocket League session gone wild, Paul watches a new show, Phil whips out his big D…VD (Vinyl Disc) collection, and Casey digs deep into Avengers: No Surrender. What else do we talk about? Amazon Prime’s The Tick is approved for Season 2! KEEN! But for this rebirth, there is the DEATH of Spike TV and a search for better programming! Nintendo reinvents the world of gaming once again with space-age CARDBOARD technology! And could a standalone Flashpoint movie fix everything for DC?? (No.) Finally, we end things by revealing some secret treasures from our lives as collectors of all sorts of things. LEGO! Muppets! WAAAAA! And we’re on video? I mean, to each other. You can’t see us, but we can see us, so expect some levels humor you’ll have to imagine to fully appreciate. So there’s that.

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The Tick renewed for Season 2

Spike is dead, long live the toxic masculine man…

Nintendo Labo

Flashpoint Movie Maybe

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