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This week Tony P. Henderson and Travis Jones joins us on Breaking the Panel – The Best Wonder Woman Discussion EVER! Ok, it was a discussion about the best DCEU movie ever (so far). Travis Jones and Tony P. Henderson join Me – The Rock God of Podcasting Charles McFall – to discuss our experiences with Wonder Woman. Paul Klotz was unable to see the film before recording and had no desire to have the movie spoiled for him, and Chris Wisdom is still searching for the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre.

The Panel:

Tony P. Henderson of Geek VS

The Blazing Defender Travis Jones

The Rock God of Podcasting Charles McFall

Wonder Woman in the first:

As we do the panel starts off with the numbers from Box Office Mojo. We discuss the records already broken, some history of the director, and a few other wild rabbit trails before getting to the non-spoiler version of our review. In short, all three of us loved the movie, as did our respective families. You get the trademarked BTP style of fun, honest discussion where you feel like a part of the conversation.

Wonder Woman in the second:

Then we moved on after the break to discuss our full on spoiler love of the movie. Tony, Travis and I go back and forth on what our favorite moments were and of course why. We do get into the areas that were what we fully agreed were nitpicks of the movie. And that says a lot about how well done this film is that the negatives could only reach a nitpicky level, unlike the previous DCEU movies we reviewed before.

Drinking Game:

Every time you hear Travis’s well-meaning but super sexist jokes take a shot. You will never regret it.

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