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Charles, Paul, and Chris welcome Alice Dranger to the show!!  Alice is an actress, producer, and writer.  The guys do what they can to keep up with her, all the while trying to lure her into being more than a one-time visitor.  Hopefully Charles won’t insult her creative endeavors too much.  We’ve got trailers to dissect, Dice Masters expansions, and Chris can’t handle using his words.  All that and more on this week’s show.


New Suicide Squad Trailer


New TMNT Trailer


Other Marvel Characters Confirmed For Spider-Man Reboot


Deadpool Expansion Coming To Marvel Dice Masters


RDJ Plays Nearly-TEEN TONY in CIVIL WAR, ANT-MAN Recruitment & Growing Role in MCU


You can find Alice at Punch Up Films and, like a certain T800; She’ll be back!!


Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, Brian Ibbott, and Chris Wisdom

Producer at Large: Mike Woodard

Publisher:  Chris Wisdom

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