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The Rock God of Stolen Thunder, Brian, Paul, and Chris bring you this week’s episode of Loot Crate, presented by their sponsor Breaking the Panel.  Benedict Cumberbatch teases strange things in store for Infinity War, Sony Pictures wants another bite at the comic book apple and they’re looking to Valiant Comics for inspiration, questions still swirl around Maz Kanata’s Jedi affiliation but NOT her appearing in Episode VIII, Thor may have gotten her groove back but Mjolnir’s the one with a brand new bag, and the hosts answer to the people!


Doctor Strange to appear in Avengers: Infinity War


It Looks like Sony is Getting Their Own Comic Book Cinematic Universe



Maz Kanata WILL be Back for Star Wars Episode VIII, according to Lupita Nyong’o Herself



Marvel Introduces a New Power for Thor’s Mjolnir





Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, Brian Ibbott, and Chris Wisdom

Producer at Large: Mike Woodard

Publisher:  Chris Wisdom

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