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Charles, Paul, and Chris are excited as the Seed of more Matt Ryan’s Constantine is planted in the world of animated app shows.  Charles discovers, after the fact(BtP E38 “Redneck Machiavelli”), a wonderful app to download comics for free, but doesn’t get all the Hoopla.  Chris wants reparations for Paul running a train on six minutes of his life.   The guys talk table top and card gaming, as Paul schools the panel on the broad strokes of the world of gaming.


Constantine Picked Up By CW Seed



DC’s ‘Rebirth’ Titles Available Now On FREE Netflix-Style Service HOOPLA DIGITAL



Ressha Sentai Toqger (Power Rangers Train Force) Coolest[sic] Scene!







Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, and Chris Wisdom

Producer at Large: Mike Woodard

Publisher:  Chris Wisdom

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