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Charles, Paul, and Chris pay homage to one of the great character actors of their life, Mr. Bill Paxton.  From the ‘80s to today, Bill made movies and characters that we know, love, and quote.  We say goodbye and invite you to remember this great actor.  Then it’s on to the headlines that Charles forgets as ABC announces casting for The Inhumans.   In news he’ll soon forget Fox casts parts in their upcoming X-Men series.  After a stellar run, at the box office, Deadpool’s creator wants to bring us down as he mans the pencils on an upcoming book.  Wrestling, wrasslin’, and sports entertainment fans rejoice as Netflix steps into the squared circle with their new GLOW series!



ABC/Marvel’s The Inhumans casting news:

Black Bolt



New X-Men Pilot


Rob Liefeld Returns to Deadpool


Netflix’s First GLOW Teaser is as Gloriously ’80s as We’d Hoped



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