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Welcome to Breaking the Panel! This week while Chris is off to find out exactly where in the world is Carmen Sandiego (Hint its freaking San Diego) Klotz and McFall are joined by Hammond Chamberlain! Hammond brings his amazing memory for niche details, his love for sharing information, and his ability to analyze the situation from a different perspective to this show.

This gives us a slightly different feel this week as Klotz finally gets to have an intelligent conversation. Like that’s entertaining, I mean if you don’t have at least one poop joke then it isn’t really BTP but what do I know. Tune in to hear us discuss the upcoming Venom movie, the Black Panther Trailer Drop, and to hear Charles tell our honored guest to shut up! After the break, we talk about how movies are more quantity than quality. Then it’s onto E3 Spiderman and our memories of Adam West.

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About Hammond:

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC is a podcast that I created to explore that need to create. I talk to creative people in all disciplines. I have interviewed writers, podcasters artists, filmmakers, actors, and musicians. There is are two things that I am learning: one, increasingly creative people are not focusing on a single aspect anymore, and two, There seems to be an intrinsic need to create that can be found in everyone. I feel that it just needs to be nurtured.

The Links:

Black Panther trailer drops
Chris Evans stays on for one more MCU flick
Feige clears up – Venom is not MCU
Movie releases to date
E3 Spiderman

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