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Welcome to The GSTU Netflix’s The Defenders Roundtable discussion.  Your hosts are joined by Casey Stroz and B. C. Dodge  It’s time to discuss the latest Marvel adventure on Netflix. Get ready for an unadulterated look as we discuss the latest and greatest in the MArvel?Netflix filmmaking relationship. How does this collection of heroes stack up to previous solo outings? Is the Immortal Iron Fist getting any better? Can this rag tag team fight its way out of a wet paper bag? Find out the good, the bad, and the Realy!?!? in this episode of Breaking the Panel.

For this roundtable, we were once again joined by friends of the show Casey Stroz and B. C. Dodge

You can find Casey over at Bad Coyote Funky.

You can find B.C. Dodge over at the Venn Network.

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