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The Last Jedi is finally here and it’s the most polarizing Star War yet! So polarizing– we’ve turned of the censor AND the filter! The Charles, Paul, Chris, and Casey from Breaking the Panel team up with Dennis and Phil from Botched Podcast face off to give their thoughts on the latest offering in the saga. Was it good? Was it bad? Was it all one big blue milk hallucination? Breaking the Panel breaks apart as friends collide and become frenemies in this oversized roundtable chat! You’ll have to tune in to hear it all! 

This and all Breaking the Panel episodes originally posted on BlogTalkRadio!  Check out Botched Podcast too!

Hosts: Charles McFallPaul KlotzChris WisdomCasey Stroz, Dennis Robinson, Philip Keating

Producer at Large: Mike Woodard 

Publisher:  Chris Wisdom 

Breaking the Panel is brought to you by the Giant-Size Team-Up Network