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Welcome to the GSTU Thor: Ragnarok ‘em Sock ‘em Roundtable! Now, we know what you’re thinking; how did this happen?  Well, it’s a long story.
It’s main event time! Ok, this is it, let’s get ready to welcome these guys; here they come. They are creatures…what can we say about them? Well, they’re unique. There’re none like ‘em. We feel a special connection with ‘em. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you your INCREDIBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE HOSTS!! Your reigning hosts Charles “The Rock God” of Sparkles, Paul “New Doug” Klotz, Chris “The Raging Fire” Wisdom, and Casey “The Devil’s Anus” Stroz have printed pamphlets to find allies for their most recent Conversation of Champions. As word spread across the Nine Realms hosts, great, small, and friends from work, took up the challenge to join our freaky circle discussion. From Niffleheim, Dennis “Dez” Robinson, Philip “Troy” Keating, and Tristan “Get Help” Gibbon come to lend their voices. A dispatch is received from Frank “This is My Stuff” Allan in Svartalfheim. Lastly, from Kentucky, “The SSSSSSSSSssssmoldering Fire” Travis Jones gives is backwoods perspective. Come with us and you’ll be in world pure conversation. Tune in as we Point Break-down the MCU’s most recent offering.

For this round table we joined by fellow GSTU members Travis Jones, Tristan Gibbon, Philip Keating, Dennis Robinson, and Frank Allan.

Be sure to check out Travis over at Blazing Defender Report, Philip, Tristan, and Dennis on Botched Podcast, and Frank down under on Toy Power Podcast.

This and all Breaking the Panel episodes originally posted on BlogTalkRadio!

Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, Chris Wisdom, Casey Stroz
Producer at Large: Mike Woodard
Publisher:  Chris Wisdom
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