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Shiny Magikarp, Red Gyrados, and a metric Poopi-ton of Lapras: what happened?! Charles and Joe are here to break down all the details on the game’s newest event, the Water Festival.  The drop rates for water types have been increased, but are Dratini MIA? Apparently you can’t teach old Eevees new naming tricks. Brian is out, but the guys are ready to dig in and explore what the recent changes have brought. All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback, emails, and comments!

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Water Festival

Dratini removed from event spawns?


Shiny Magikarp is in the game!!! (but they may not be shiny for everyone)

Shiny Magicarp =/= shiny Ditto

Game provides a warning before letting you transfer shiny Pokémon


[Research] Rainer/Sparky/Pyro name tricks take priority over evolving a 10k-walked buddy for Espeon/Umbreon

New gym prestiging strategy using Ditto coined “Dittostrat”

Shiny sprites

Pokémon GO Type Chart

Pokéstops and Egg Distances

Patch Notes and Updates

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